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MUNDO - Special Edition

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

G'day from New York in "lock down", and welcome to a special edition of Mundo.

I wanted to share with you an article I had published today in The Interpreter, which showcases analysis and commentary on international events from an Australian perspective.  It's published by the Lowy Institute, Australia's leading think tank on international policy.

In my article, I argue that a public health emergency such as COVID-19 strikes at a weakness of Western political systems, whose public underestimate the severity of the virus. 

Meanwhile business interests lobby to prevent an economic shutdown for as long as possible - or a premature return to business as usual.  I argue that Australia is sliding in the same direction.

Approximate reading time: 4 minutes.

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I'm an Australian in New York...

Please click on the following link to read the full article on The Interpreter.

COVID-19 quarantine in New York

Please feel free to send through your own thoughts and articles to me.  Forward this along to others who might find this an interesting read.

Stay calm, think of others, stay healthy.


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